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Our Workouts

Our Workouts

  • Tues

    Typically, we start the week with Yoga. This has been a staple part of #ThePrograms training regimen as it helps prevent us all from injury, improve our flexibility, work our core, and also strengthen our stabilization muscles that we often overlook.

  • Wed

    On Wednesday. We RIDE. Every Wednesday morning, #TheProgram can be found at the only team-oriented spin class in the city – SWERVE. Here, we’re led by Dyan, aka D-Fierce, to push each other to attain new personal bests. Join us as this class is nothing short of electric.

  • Thurs

    As the saying goes, on Thursday “we flex with FLEX.” Known as the most physically demanding workout of the week, and designed that way, Flex pushes #TheProgram to its limits and then some with a HIIT circuit at Complete Body

  • Fri

    Friday is a self-run cross-training regimen co-lead by Nick Sizer and Strauss Zelnick. These two keep us all on our toes as we’ll hit everything from the treadmill to a heavy bench workout

  • AdditionallyThis workout routine works best with 2-3 weight training workouts to supplement these sessions.