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  • Any trainer will tell you that you want to be fit, exercise; if you want to look fit, eat right. Here’s how we try to eat right in
  • 1Establish your optimal body weight by estimating the body fat percentage you are seeking. If you need to lose weight to get there, multiply your goal weight by 12 and this is your target daily calorie count. If you are already at your target weight, multiply that number by 15 and that is your daily calorie count. www.fatsecret.com is a good source for calorie counts.
  • 2 Eat three meals daily and limit in-between meal snacks as much as possible.
  • 3Focus on lean protein (eggs, lean meat, skinless chicken, fish) and stay away from fat in preparation (ie simply grill foods with little or no added fat). If a restaurant menu says “sautéed” or “crispy,” watch out.
  • 4Fruits and vegetables are fine. When eating out, ask for vegetables steamed with no butter or oil added. Salads are great but avoid cheese and croutons and generally stay away from bottled or restaurant dressings. Fresh lemon juice and red wine vinegar is a good dressing and you’ll get used to it quickly.
  • 5 Stay away from high carb fruits like bananas.
  • 6Try to eat a limited amount of carbs from non-wheat sources: yams, rice, potatoes, etc. No bread, rolls, pastry and pasta. The fewer carbs you eat the easier it will be to lose or control your weight.
  • 7No fried foods. Period.
  • 8 If you like sweets (and many of us do), try to eat ice cream, frozen yogurt or a little dark chocolate rather than cakes or pies.
  • 9 Non-fat yogurt, hard cheeses and low-fat cottage cheese are all fine in limited quantities.
  • 10No soda, diet or regular; no fruit juice. If you like smoothies, make them with whey protein, non-fat plain yogurt, whole fruits and vegetables, unsweetened peanut butter or PB2 powder (which is great) and almond milk. Plain juice is basically just sugar water.
  • 11 If you must drink alcohol, avoid beer and mixers. Drink straight vodka or tequila.