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25 Sep , 2016,
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Paul Schnell

I live in Manhattan with my wife Madeleine, 3 children and 3 dogs – life is anything but quiet!  Over the past 30 years I have been focused on a few things – building a business, being a great father/husband/friend and staying physically and emotionally fit.  I love skiing (at 53 I am still launching off 20 foot cornices!), basketball, anything with a ball and that involves breaking a sweat.  The Program has added a new dimension by significantly ramping up the intensity while at the same time doing it with an awesome group of inclusive, competitive and like-minded individuals.  Simply put — no one in their right mind wakes up at 5:30am to work-out with a group of a-holes.  As the “grandpa” in the room it is fun developing terrific relationships with the next generation of leaders and staying young and fit while doing it!

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