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3 Jun , 2015,
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Nick Sizer

I moved to NYC a number of years ago after graduating from Connecticut College. I played water polo and lacrosse in school and remained passionate about fitness/athletics, but was missing the “team” aspect in the Big Apple. From there, due to part luck and part fate, I linked up with a few other athletes to start meeting for morning workouts. Today, it’s grown from 3-4 guys on an email chain to fifty members strong and expanding each week. I’m especially thankful for how the group has developed to support not only our fitness goals, but our aspirations outside of the gym as well. This sentiment is best captured in our own value #7, “it’s not just about fitness…our attitude extends to the way we treat each other, ourselves, and those we encounter everyday.”

I’m excited to see what the future holds for #TheProgram.

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