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Nick H - Shoe - Cropped
24 Jun , 2015,
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Nicholas Horbaczewski

I like to live my life as an adventure, and The Program, Crossfit and Swerve Fitness all help keep me ready for whatever happens next. I am the CEO & Founder of The Drone Racing League (DRL), the premiere global drone racing circuit. When I’m not working to build DRL into the next major sport, I love making movies through my production company Leeden Media, traveling, and wine. I’m proud to be a member of both the Explorers Club and theOxford Stunt Factory, which afford me the honor of being surrounded by some of the most interesting, risk-tolerant, and adventuresome people in theworld.

For me, the program is the tap on the shoulder getting me out of bed at 5:30am, it’s the shouts of encouragement that get me those couple of extra reps, and the camaraderie that makes fitness a team sport. My fellow Programmers inspire me and give me targets to reach for, but pick me up off the(always sweaty) floor when I hit my limit.

Fun Fact: The only time I’ve broken my foot was during a handstand walk.

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