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Michelle Miller
14 Jul , 2015,
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Michelle Miller

Michelle Miller is a writer and producer who left her banking job in 2013 to pen The Underwriting, a critically-acclaimed satirical corporate thriller about Wall Street, Silicon Valley and an online dating app. She initially self-published the story as a transmedia serial, before adapting it into a novel for Penguin and a television show currently in development. Michelle spent her first seventeen years in Asheville, North Carolina, dedicated to classical ballet, before branching out into rowing, road biking, marathon running and yoga. She holds a BA and MBA from Stanford.

Leaving my job to pursue my own thing has been wonderful, but it’s also been peppered with self-doubt. Starting my day with the kind, committed, selflessly-supportive, living-examples-of-big-goals-accomplished group that is #theprogram melts away that fear and makes me certain that when you approach things with good energy and lift up those around you, anything is possible.

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