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28 Apr , 2019,
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Kelly McGarrity

Kelly McGarrity, 30, Greenwich, CT, I moved to NYC after graduating from Colgate University in 2010.

2.   Previous sports or athletic experience: (high school, college,

·        Cheerleader, spare time runner

3.   What do you do for work?

·        Ad Sales at NBCUniversal

4.   How did you come to be part of #TheProgram?

·        Through a mutual friend of Strauss

5.   How has #TheProgram changed your fitness goals/ life in NYC? What
does #TheProgram mean to you?

·        Fitness has always been a priority of mine – #TheProgram made it a
way of life. I ran my first New York City Marathon in 2018 which was always a
dream, but never an achievable goal of mine until I joined #TheProgram. It’s a group of kind, exceptional people who all make fitness a priority in their lives. They keep me accountable and make working out at 6am a little bit easier.

6.   What is your one top fitness lifestyle tip?

·        Just show up – it’s half the battle!

7.   Anything else we should know about you?

·         Shooting for two marathons in 2019, big crème brûlée advocate (in moderation, of course)

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