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24 Jun , 2015,
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Katie Tuttle

Katie is a South Carolina native and self-professed group fitness junkie. She loves classes that foster a competitive spirit as well as test her mental and physical toughness. Katie feels most at home on the turf, mat, barre, or bike gearing up for a 6AM workout with her crew. Growing up practicing various forms of dance, Katie has always enjoyed movement. The true catalyst of her fitness journey was her discovery of hot, power yoga in 2011. Through her vibrant, dynamic yoga community, Katie was introduced to her first strength training class a few years later, and her inner athlete was officially unleashed.

Additionally, Katie has a passion for nutrition and loves learning the science behind clean eating. From two years of a vegan and ayurvedic diet to her current consumption of animal protein, Katie enjoys exploring food to fuel fitness and overall wellness. She is also currently embarking on the next phase in her fitness journey: barre teacher training. Combining her dance roots with her drive to help others discover their inner strength, Katie hopes to pay all the support she has received forward and help students embrace an active lifestyle.

Outside of the gym, Katie works as a Channel Relationship Specialist for the Global Wealth and Retirement Solutions’ Business Management/Strategy group at Bank of America. She earned her CPA in 2012 after attending UNC Chapel Hill receiving a Master in Accounting and Bachelors of Science in Business Administration.

#TheProgram is more than a group of athletes. They live this passion, lead by example, and their energy is infectious. This team has given me purpose and ignited a drive within me. They are my teachers, mentors, motivators, and, most of all, my family. It is an honor and a privilege to stand among them.

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