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28 Apr , 2019,
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Josh Heim

Joshua Heim, Age: 33, Hometown: Brooklyn/Long Island, I went to college in Miami to avoid the cold. After 10 years, I missed my family and the joy on NYC…so I moved back!

Previous sports or athletic experience: Growing up, I played EVERY sport. Basketball was my true passion and love. I played my entire life and still do to this day. I played in high school and became an intermural all-star in college.

What do you do for work?: I am a Middle School Physical Education teacher. Basketball and Volleyball Coach. During the summers, I help run a Summer Sports Camp in the UWS.

How did you come to be part of #TheProgram?: I became a part of #TheProgram by asking if I can attend a workout. I met Strauss at Solace’s Strong event. I saw pictures of #TheProgram on Instagram and wanted to become a part of a fitness community. I am extremely thankful to be apart of #TheProgram.

How has #TheProgram changed your fitness goals/ life in NYC? What does #TheProgram mean to you?:#TheProgram has significantly changed my fitness goals. My previous goals were to get bigger and stronger. I’d lift heavy and usually train by myself and follow a bodybuilding lifestyle. Thanks to #TheProgram, I’ve lost extra bodyfat, increased my endurance and feel an overall well-being. My sleep cycle has changed since joining…nothing like waking up at 5am for a 6am workout 🙂  #TheProgram means a lot to me as someone that doesn’t have many friends into fitness. Everyone is so friendly and respectful. You can’t find #TheProgram anywhere.

What is your one top fitness lifestyle tip?: My one fitness lifestyle tip is be aware of what you put into your body. Nutrition means EVERYTHING!

Anything else we should know about you?: If anyone ever needs a workout buddy, let me know! #TheProgram has made it a lot less exciting to workout alone.

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