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28 Apr , 2019,
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John Bradshaw

John Bradshaw; 24; Nashville, TN; Moved to NYC in 2012 to attend NYU

Previous sports or athletic experience: (high school, college, etc.):

Lots of push-ups

What do you do for work?:

Full-time student at Fordham University School of Law

How did you come to be part of #TheProgram?:

I asked my roommate why he was tagged in so many shirtless instagrams, and he invited me to a lift.

How has #TheProgram changed your fitness goals/ life in NYC? What does #TheProgram mean to you?:

The program was an opportunity to make fitness a core tenant of my life. Waking up for lifts throughout the week is a challenge that sets the tone for how I approach the rest of my day. During these workouts, I’ve made friendships that extend far beyond the gym. The movement that Strauss and the team have built is truly special, and I’m grateful to be a part of such an exceptional group of individuals.

What is your one top fitness lifestyle tip?:

Long-term growth begins with incremental change

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