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Jessica Lippke - Wider Crop
3 Jun , 2015,
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Jessica Lippke

I graduated Summa Cum Laude from Hofstra University and was a member of Hofstra’s Division I volleyball team. Now, as an Associate Director of Project Management for a digital interactive agency in Flatiron, I manage teams through the web design and development lifecycle and credit my athletic and team-oriented background for much of my success. I am currently working to implement corporate wellness principles and practices at my company and am involved with planning and coordination for NYC Fit Week, an annual event that unites NYC for fitness and philanthropy.

Post college I discovered Crossfit, fell in love with the community and philosophy, and got engaged to my college sweetheart and now-husband at our local box after a charity workout event. A regular for a few years, I eventually lost my drive and passion and spent about a year struggling to find my new fitness home, gaining over 30lbs along the way. For my 30th birthday I asked for a barbell and plates to start doing at-home workouts and lifts. While it filled the void, I quickly realized that I missed the group atmosphere of working out.

As is true for many of #TheProgram’s members, I genuinely believe in the power of TEAM as some of my best memories and life lessons have come from being part of them. Since joining #TheProgram by way of Swerve, a team-oriented cycling studio, I lost 35 pounds, re-ignited my passion for health and fitness and strive to continue to be a catalyst for those about to embark on their own journey and a point of accountability for those well on their way. I want to help educate and inspire, and #TheProgram fuels that fire even more.

There are few things worth waking up at 4:30am for; workouts with #TheProgram is one of them. Everyone has their own story, but I’m really glad #TheProgram is part of mine.

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