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18 Feb , 2019,
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Iani Alecsiu

I was born and raised in Bucharest, Romania and moved to NYC in 2010 to study at Columbia University. After graduation I have been working in finance on a trading floor and then in Equity Research. As a tennis player on the junior tour, I grew up training with some of the top professional women tennis players on the WTA tour today. In college, tennis continued to be an important part of my life as were sports in general (also influenced by my dad who is a Sports Broadcaster).

Joining #TheProgram offered me the team spirit that I missed after college and motivated me to be consistent in my workouts. Training with likeminded people from different backgrounds has been extremely rewarding and pushed me to improve my fitness goals. #TheProgram workouts have been a great supplement to my triathlon training. The fun and friendly group of friends that I was fortunate enough to have met through #TheProgram motivated me to wake up before sunrise, despite not being a morning person.

My fitness tip: don’t hit Snooze.

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