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20 Aug , 2015,
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I was raised in Brooklyn, New York and have always led a very active lifestyle. Throughout high school, I was a four-sport athlete, playing football, basketball, baseball and golf. After I graduated, I enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. During my four years of service, I learned many disciplines and earned the rank of Sergeant before leaving active duty. Additionally, it was my time in the military that spurred my passion for motivating people and pushing them to achieve their best. The same passion that led me to become a personal trainer. I started my fitness career at New York Sports Club and soon after became NASM Certified. I then continued my development as a health professional and instructor by advancing my knowledge of TRX , becoming a NASM Performance Enhancement and Corrective Exercise Specialist, and acquiring several kettlebell certifications. My passion for this field continues to grow everyday. In my free time, I like to break dance, rock climb, travel and go on obstacle course runs.

#TheProgram to me is something very unique and very rare. It has definitely been a privilege to coach such a goal oriented group of individuals who provide one another with so much support, enthusiasm and motivation on a daily basis. I would’ve never thought to have found such camaraderie outside of the military or professional sports. Their stories inspire me and motivate me to better myself at every moment possible.

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