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25 Sep , 2016,
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Eric Higger

My name is Eric Higger, I’m 27 years old and originally from New York City. I graduated from Syracuse University in 2013, and after spending 4 years in the Sports & Entertainment industry, made a switch in October of 2017, and now work for AllianceBernstein, in the Wealth Management Group.I joined TheProgram in 2015 after Nick Sizer invited me to Swerve one day after a Rangers game. Having played sports growing up, I was immediately hooked on the team camaraderie. Each and every morning, you were showing up to support one another, no matter the challenge ahead. Personally, TheProgram has introduced me to an incredible group of like minded individuals who are constantly trying to get better each and every day. On a professional level, it’s motivated me to take chances in my career that have turned into some of the best decisions of my life. Finally, on a physical level, it has allowed me to achieve goals that I truly never thought were possible.


My one fitness/lifestyle tip: Surround yourself with people who are faster, stronger and smarter than you. Each and every day I am motivated by those who can run faster, jump higher or lift more than I. While humbling and sometimes frustrating, I can honestly say it pushes me to always be the best I can be, and give 100% effort, no matter what.

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