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3 Jun , 2015,
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Dyan Tsiumus

I graduated Cum Laude from Alfred University, with a Bachelors of Science in Athletic Training. Upon to New York City, I worked in corporate America and pursued my passion for fitness only as a “hobby.” After 9 years, I left the corporate world to follow my dream of helping people of all ages find health and happiness, as a fitness professional. I am now the lead instructor for SWERVE fitness and every day passionately work to inspire my students and clients to be the absolute best they can be. 

I’ve had the privilege of teaching #TheProgram’s cycling class since November 2014. This group of students is unlike any I’ve encountered before; they are not only outstanding athletes with the incredible gift to raise the energy in every single room they walk into, but they are collectively the finest caliber of people I’ve yet to encounter in my life. 

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