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14 Jul , 2015,
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Brooke McAnaney

My passion for fitness began in high school, where I played on the tennis and field hockey teams, and rode horses competitively. I continued playing field hockey in college and on club teams post-grad, but had been missing the team environment ever since those ‘glory days’. Once I moved to New York City from Dutchess County over 20 years ago, fitness became a solitary activity, with running being my main mode of training. While I was always active, running took a backseat to my career in media/sports television in my 20’s, and it fell further down my list of priorities in my 30’s, when my 2 boys were born. Once I hit a ‘milestone’ birthday in 2014, it became clear that I needed to invest the time in myself again. I started experimenting with HIIT training at Barry’s Bootcamp, where I met a few other members of #TheProgram. This group has exposed me to such an amazing group of people, fitness professionals, and workouts (I hadn’t stepped into a spinning studio until Swerve). The level of accountability and support of this diverse group of individuals is overwhelming. I’m incredibly honored to be a part of #TheProgram, and look forward to continuing to work toward my goals, and push myself to be a better athlete, mother, wife and professional. Also want to add a huge shout-out to my husband Eamon who is my biggest cheerleader and, more importantly, tolerates the 5am daily alarm!

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