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3 Jun , 2015,
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Andrew Abbott

I grew up in Manhasset, NY and from a young age sports/competitive athletics were a big part of my life. I was passionate about golf, hockey, and lacrosse throughout elementary school; however, eventually focused on lacrosse as I progressed into high school and college. I attended Middlesex School – a small high school in Concord, Massachusetts – where I was one of 87 students in my graduating class. I received a Bachelor of Science in Finance from the University of Delaware, graduating in 2008. After working in Finance for 4 years, most recently in the investment banking division at Bank of American Merrill Lynch, I decided to transition to a new industry: digital media. I worked at Millennial Media (a mobile advertising & data platform) for 3 years, AOL for 1 year (after they acquired Millennial Media), and most recently I just began working at Snapchat in September 2016. I’ve loved the challenge of learning a new career in an area of constant change and hyper-growth.

#TheProgram has been an incredible journey with incredible people, with Strauss and the culture he’s created at the core. I had always been interested in sports; however, #TheProgram has given me the opportunity to train in a balanced way where health, wellness, & routine are also a priority. The best part is being able to pursue a healthy lifestyle in an environment of teamwork and self-improvement.

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