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25 Sep , 2016,
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Alexander Uruchurtu

I was born in California, but spent the majority of my childhood growing up on the Gold Coast in Australia. After graduating from The Southport School in Australia, and taking a year off to work at a British boarding school and travel around Europe, I moved to Cambridge, Massachusetts, where I attended Harvard University. There I rowed on the Men’s Heavyweight Crew team and studied Economics and Global Health & Health Policy. I moved to New York after graduating, and currently work in management consulting at Bain & Company.

It turns out trying to staying in shape while working a full-time job isn’t quite as easy as working out with a team, as I was used to throughout my life prior to moving to New York. I came across the very fit, motivated and encouraging group that is #TheProgram one Saturday morning at the gym, and needed to learn more. A short while after I ran into Strauss in the gym, asked him what the group was about, and eventually asked if I could become a part of it.

#TheProgram has not only improved my fitness, but also introduced me to a group of incredible people from all walks of life who I would have never met otherwise.The 6am workouts were a tough shift initially, but now I find myself moving with increased efficiency throughout each day, and having more energy doing it. I am very thankful for #TheProgram, and look forward to helping it improve and grow!

Fun Fact: I’ve competitively played both rugby and football, and both cricket and baseball, among other sports!

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