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8 Jul , 2015,
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Marcus Meyer

  • Age: 40!
  • From: Greenfield, Wisconsin
  • NYC: Came to NYC in 2003 to work in finance
  • Previous Sports: Played high school basketball and football
  • Current Work:  Working in leveraged finance at Madison Capital (a boutique finance firm owned by NY Life)
  • Program Entry: Was introduced to Strauss in what I thought was a business context.  Strauss however was much more interested in talking about working out and we had an immediate bond.  He encouraged me to attend Swerve Fitness the next morning, which I did and somehow made the Program cut
  • 5 years in the Program has brought me different fitness perspectives, more discipline, and more life to my workouts.  Its encouraging to be around a motivated group of people trying to get better each day
  • Top Fitness Tip:  Consistency is key.  Develop a varied work out plan and stick to it.
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